Short stories, for now. Hopefully the kind that make it hard to sleep at night, to make you watch the doors of your closets and the black place under your bed. There are times when a man’s need to share his horrors overcomes all else, and he must find an outlet. The things I’ve seen in my mind’s eye are too horrible to be ignored; they must be written.

So read, and let my nightmares become yours – it’s the least I can do.

– Ben Pienaar

  1. Bindy said:

    I love your stories they are so creepy. keep writing!!

  2. you and I are part of a great tradition: Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King subscribe to this school

    • that’s probably the highest compliment I’ve recieved so far… thanks you good sir

  3. no worries, Ben: I am putting up a blog tomorrow about the Id, a dangerous topic to broach on a blog or Facebook. If you have time come along for the ride

    and btw thanks for subscribing to my blog. I will endeavour to make it worth your while

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love what you’ve got going on here. Good luck and happy writing!

  5. dmdoylebooks said:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your writing…and I’m not much into horror. I’m still wondering what Dale,from your last story, really is…

  6. Thanks for sharing your terrors! When I’m feeling strong enough and the sun is shining very brightly, and night is at least 15 hours away, I’ll have fun exploring them…
    Thanks too for liking my post. I’ve just added something about phobias, by coincidence.
    Have a lively day!

  7. The only thing TO do with nightmares is to put fingers to keyboard and unleash them on an unsuspecting public. I kinda think that’s why we have nightmares to begin with. :^)

    And thank you for liking my most recent excerpt. Greatly appreciated.

  8. I have just begin reading your stories. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    • you sure do! hope you enjoy every one of them, and thanks for following!

  9. So thanks for the Insomnia, Where’s the tab for free sleeping pills?

  10. trey said:

    Having read through each of your nightmares in the course of two days, I want to thank you. Truly deeply unsettling stories, powerful enough that I awoke in the night and felt cold fear at the sight of a pile of clothes! Bravo good sir, bravo!

    • Damn, two days! you’re a dedicated reader my friend. It means a lot to hear that. If I can pass the horror on to one person, I’m happy. It takes time to write these babies, but while I work on my novel I hope to come up with new short stories maybe once a week/fortnight in the meantime, so stay tuned!

  11. Ash said:

    Hey man, I just want to say that I spent my entire afternoon reading all your short stories. They are amazing. Thanks for providing a great way to waste the time away, and I have no doubt that I’ll be kept up by twisting shadows and paranoid thoughts tonight

    • Cheers mate. Well I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so hopefully I can keep this site well stocked with nightmare inducing fodder. Stay tuned and thanks for reading, means a lot.

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