Chapter 5/ Book of Worlds



Excerpt from Book of Worlds


Each world, I learned, had a different time zone. They all seemed the same to me at first, but sometimes I would enter a world for twenty minutes and return five hours later, other times I’d explore for a day and come back at the same time I’d left. I constantly had to reset my timepiece, since it tracked the seconds and minutes as I experienced them, not as they were in various worlds.

            Unnerved, I developed a method by which I’d jump into a new world, stay there for a minute, and then return to see how long I’d really spent there. Then I’d set my timepiece accordingly and in this way I always knew how long I’d been away in earth time. A good thing I did, too, because more than once did I return after a single minute only to find that several days had passed on Earth. Imagine, I thought, if I’d explored for a week, only to find on return that everyone I knew had long ago died of old age?

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