Chapter 9/ Book of Worlds



Excerpt from Book of Worlds


…and the worlds directly connected to each other were always similar. Any world I entered from Earth, while strange in many ways, was also very close to Earth in many others. There were often rivers, trees, and mountains to be found, familiar types of weather – if extreme in some cases. When I came across people and animals, I found them sometimes so startlingly similar that had I not known better I could have thought that I was simply in some far flung region of Earth.

            If one then creates a door in such a place, the next world will be similar to that one. You will still see common elements with Earth, but the further you travel, making door after door in each new land, the more distant you will become, until it is simply impossible to survive. Four or five worlds along, I began to come across worlds without atmosphere or oxygen, worlds with life so alien to me I didn’t recognize it at first. I was never able to venture beyond five worlds for this reason, and even at that distance, the places I saw were so surreal and unnatural I felt more that I was in a dream or vivid hallucination. I would recommend never to travel more than three worlds away from Earth, as this next cautionary tale will elaborate…


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