Chapter 23/ Book of Worlds



Excerpt from Book of Worlds


As I’m sure you’ve gathered, dear reader, once opened, a World can never really be closed. Yes, you can shut the door permanently and eliminate any physical remnants of the place, but the World itself will always be with you in some way, no matter what kind of place it was, bland or interesting, safe or dangerous.

            Opening worlds, I believe, is like opening Pandora’s Box. The previous story is a perfect example. I found a relatively benign world, thinking it almost too plain for a real adventure, and in the end it changed my life in a profound way. Not only that, but I changed the world, and that is something just as important: I changed the world, just by being there. Who knows what the Nymen civilisation did with the things I showed them? In their world, centuries must have passed by now. They may even be far more advanced than mankind, because of me.

            As for me, the Nyman who returned home with me remained my best and most faithful friend, and accompanied me to many places. When he died I felt as though I’d lost a part of myself, and because of this I will never be the same. Such is the risk one takes when one enters a world, and it would do well to remember this one fact: The things that come out of Pandora’s Box are not always, as they were in this case, good. Some worlds hold only evil and death, and I find these to be the most contagious of all.

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