Chapter 30/ Book of Worlds



Excerpt from Book of Worlds


A note to Diana. The book is almost finished now, and you might be wondering, after all this, exactly where I am now. Do you want to find me? Do you want to explore the worlds as I did? I sincerely hope so, because to do the former you must do the latter, and it would be best if you were prepared. I look forward to seeing you, and any of the others who wish to come. You see, while I was already old when I left, I’m in a rather slow world now, and as far as time on Earth goes I will most likely outlive you and all of my grandchildren. In other words, take your time, explore the wonders of the universe, and I will always be here, waiting for you.

            As you may have gathered, all but one of the worlds that I have described in this book are still out there, open to you. Based on my descriptions, you will know which of these worlds are dangerous and which are not, and you may already have an inkling as to where I might be, now.

            Before I continue with the final part of this journal, I will leave you with the following information. You might think it unnecessarily cryptic, but that is my intention. You might be the most adventurous of my offspring, Diana, but even you have lived a sheltered existence, and my only wish is to show you what it is to truly live. No, you must explore if you wish to see me ever again. That said: Every one of my keys is hidden in a box in a hole in the ground beneath the great oak tree at the house on Hellyers road. Every door I ever opened from Earth is located somewhere on the grounds of that estate.

            And one more thing to remember, and I have found this to be true in many ways, and especially in regards to travel between worlds: To get to heaven, one must first cross Hell.

            Good luck, dearest, and I hope to see you soon.

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