This is a bunch of external links to anything I can think of that might be useful to people who are interested in writing, storytelling, horror, and fiction.


Writing Excuses

Short episodes, but entertaining and informative. Includes interviews with various other quality authors and discussions on many topics. Brandon is a fantasy author, but the podcast frequently branches out to all kinds of other topics surrounding writing.

This Is Horror

Bob Pastorella and Michael David Wilson interview horror writers and talk about the genre and the state of the art in general. Ramsey Campbell has been on there, as have Richard Chizmar, Sarah Langan, Adam Nevill, Stephen Graham Jones, and a whole host of others.


Max Booth III hosts this great podcast talking about anything and everything related to horror.


Tim Ferriss talks to Chuck Palahniuk about writing and his upcoming book.

The Joe Rogan Experience #405  Interview with Steven Pressfield, author of War of Art, and Aubrey Marcus, motivational guy and co-founder of Onnit.

The Joe Rogan Experience #336 with Scott Sigler, author of action/horror novels including Earthcore, Alive, Pandemic, The Rookie, Nocturnal, and a bunch of others.

The Joe Rogan Experience #437 Scott Sigler Part 2.

The Joe Rogan Experience #496 with Nick Cutter, Author of Horror Novels The Troop, The Deep, and others.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1158 with Chuck Palahniuk, Author of Fight Club, Haunted, and others.

TED Talk by Pixar Filmmaker Andrew Stanton.

TED Talk by Presentations Expert David J. Phillips on the neurology of storytelling.

TED Talk by Literary Agent Julian Friedman on storytelling.

11 Authors give advice to young writers.

Some Lessons on Storytelling by Ira Glass, journalist and host of ‘This American Life’ podcast.

Brandon Sanderson’s creative writing lectures from the course he teaches. Full of valuable information on every aspect of writing.


Stephen Graham Jones talking writing

An Insight into the business of publishing by Michael Warren Lucas

How To write a query letter by Jane Friedman.

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